Jack of all trades,
master of none.

Since I was able to swing a hammer my father had me on the tools .Home renovations, school projects and holiday construction projects was where I become comfortable with tools in my hand.
After high school I began work in the refrigeration and airconditioning trade, completed an apprenticeship and worked as the service manager.
The skills honed in these years are were: construction, repair & service, airconditioning, electrical, plumbing, roofing, landscaping, design and retrofitting.
Since leaving the trade industry I have consistently stayed on the tools working odd jobs wherever I go.
In 2018 I built my first camper van and have since built 4 more vans for myself and friends.
My attention to detail and enjoyment of creating with my hands keeps me enthused to stay in this line of work so here I offer services as a ‘handy man,’ van builder, maintenance/fix it guy.

My hourly rates depend on type of work needed.
Message me for a quote to complete your job