Moxabustion is an ancient practice that offers great therapy to the body. When burning dry Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) on or over the body the heat penetrates into the deeper tissue of the body and stimulates Qi flow.

Moxa Boxes

Using sustainable Australian quarter sawn Rosewood these moxa boxes are made of the highest quality timber, high grade stainless steel mesh and are built using feather joints in place of screws or nails. They incorporate a sleek curved base and soft edges to fit the contours of the body comfortably. The smooth sliding lids close magnetically for tidy storage. 
These uniquely designed boxes are a quality tool for therapists wanting to access the therapeutic benefits of moxabustion for deep tissue work.

You may resonate more with an item depending on its unique features so please ask me for specific designs or to view the items in stock.
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