Hi I’m Jamin,
In 2020 I began my journey with Zenthai Shiatsu and now as a qualified therapist I am excited to bring the offering of Zenthai treatments to you in your home or in my treatment space.
I’m offering sessions both on the Sunshine Coast and in the Northern Rivers and seasonally in Sri Lanka…
I also build timber Moxa Boxes, Treatment Boxes, Cupping set boxes and other products to support the wider Zenthai community.


Beginning with an interest in becoming a yoga teacher or a massage therapist as a way to travel and work more ease-fully I asked to the universe to direct me to a new path. This path introduced me to Zenthai Flow Yoga at a festival and soon after 2 ZT workshops. After dancing on the edges of the Zenthai scene for a little while I was invited to jump into a vacancy for the Flow training in Jasri, Bali 2020.
During this training I fell in love with the body work element of Zenthai and decided to pursue the 9 month therapist training.


In 2022 I began the 9 month Zenthai Shiatsu therapist programme at the Nindery Healing Centre, Sunshine Coast. Under the Tuition of Gwyn Williams and a wonderful team of assistants I dived deep into the learning of this beautiful modality.
This year was massively transformative for me on a personal level and really laid the ground work for what I perceive is my purpose in life.
Now as a therapist I offer treatments wherever I travel and in my treatment spaces back home in Australia both on the Sunshine Coast and the Northern Rivers.


While I never had heard of Zenthai I was curious to give it a try. Thanks to Jamin it was a wonderful experience. It’s hard to describe what it did to me but I definitely felt a lot looser, lighter, and totally relaxed. Jamin knows how to create the right setting and personalised his treatment to my needs.
If you hesitate to give it a try, just go for it!

– Raoul – Netherlands

Jamin provided me with a comprehensive treatment, exceeding my expectations of a simple massage. His skills are truly exceptional, as he expertly combines different techniques to provide the best care possible. Jamin took the time to chat with me, not only to understand the reason for my visit, but also to gain insight into my lifestyle.
I could feel that his treatment was tailored to my specific needs, rather than a routine he follows with every client. I was feeling 100% confident in his care, and I felt like he was taking care of me completely. I visited him for a sciatic problem, and while his treatment is not miraculous, I could definitely feel that my body was on the road to recovery. Seeing Jamin was the beginning of my healing process.
-Mathieu, France